August 27, 2015


Aroma Magic

The Magical Aroma Orb is back in stock and creating its own special kind of magic. The Aroma orb works by an ultrasonic motor generating water vapour in clouds of mystical twirling mist infused with aromatherapy oil.
  • The Orb creates negative ions in the atmosphere cleansing and charging the air with energy and removing impurities. It gently creates a beautifully soothing aroma and helps to keep the air moist and prevent a drying environment.
  • Be mesmerised as the Aroma Orb changes colours as it cycles through the spectrum.
August 12, 2015


Earth Freindly Cards

At moontree we are all in love with the beautiful earth friendly range of greeting cards and gift wrap paper.

Produced in Australia by a team of people who really are passionate about creating great design that doesn't cost the earth. Colourful vibrant designs of Australian flora and fauna make thee cards so uniquely Aussie.Frame the cards to make lovely mini artworks or give to your loved ones with the knowledge that you are supporting great Australian creative individuals in business.


Beeswax The purity and the passion

Pure, clean burning and straight from mother nature

Moontree  Pure beeswax candles are made in Australia using Australian beeswax.

A natural wax alternative to soy, palm  and paraffin wax, beeswax candles will help to purify the air you breathe. 

Beeswax candles when burning are natural ionisers and give a gentle honey aroma. Once you have tried these lovely candles they prove to be truly addictive.

Dalai Lama burns Moontree Candles

The Dalai Lama is visiting the Blue Mountains in June 2015 and will be burning candles in his hotel room during his visit, candles bought for his Holiness from Moontree.

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March 16, 2015


Staff Picks

We asked our lovely Moontree staff what their favourite Moontree products are and why?


What are your favourite Moontree candles this season?

S. I am loving the french dinner candles for their varied colour palette and  quality.They bring new life to a room with a splash of bright colour. 

What do you love about using candles in your home?  

S. Being able to create different looks in each room with colour, scent and style. I love the relaxing atmosphere of candle light.

What's your favourite moontree candle to give as a gift? 

S.There are so many great gift ideas to choose from and I always find something to suit everyone's tastes. I enjoy giving the moontree essentials range The travel tins candles are always a hit as a gift.

Whats your favourite new Moontree product and why?

I regularly use the beeswax tealights and  pillars from the pure range.I love the strong flame the subtle honey scent and the eco friendly refills.

March 03, 2015


Staff PIcks


We asked our lovely Moontree staff what their favourite Moontree products are and why?

Here's what Vanessa had to say...

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January 20, 2015


Resin Tealight Bowls just arrived today new online and instore

An exciting range of coloured resin tealight bowls each one is uniquely patterned and perfect for tealights match them with your favourite moontree tealight  fragrance.

Add a Splash of colour to your home with these organic resin  tealight Bowls.