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Staff PIcks

March 03, 2015

We asked our lovely Moontree staff what their favourite Moontree products are and why?


What are your favourite Moontree candles this season?

V. I love burning Green tea, Azure, Sandalwood. I use green tea in the living room, Azure in the bathroom because its fresh and lively.and I use the sandalwood for the bedroom because its soothing and earthy. Buy Now

What do you love about using candles in your home?  

V.The feeling of warmth and the ritual of lighting the candles in the evening.

What's your favourite moontree candle to give as a gift? 

V. Moontree essentials Relax and Peace with a wooden Ati candle plate. Because they are a natural product and I love the aromatherapy blends. Moontree Essentials  Ati Candle Plates

Whats your favourite new Moontree product and why?

V.Beeswax essential oil Votives in  ceramic cups which are currently under  design production ( Honey Pots) They are delicious!!  Pure Beeswax Candles

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