Moontree is a Blue Mountains-based small business proudly supporting Australian makers.

Moontree Luxe Candle


Moontree Luxe range of premium fragrant soy candles for pure indulgence.

Incredibly rich layered scents, blended in creamy soy wax, hand poured into a deep amber glass. Double cotton wicks will create a bright flame with an even glow.

Each candle will give you 50 hours of pure fragrant pleasure.

All Australian Made

Silk Road - Cardamom, Sandalwood and Orange ( staff favourite )

Leura Garden Tea - White Tea and Lemon Myrtle

Marrakesh - Moroccan Rose and Saffron

Sacred Mountain - Bergamot and Jasmine

A Thousand Stars - Kaffir Lime and Cedarwood 

Collections: Artworks Excepted