Moontree is a Blue Mountains-based small business proudly supporting Australian makers.

Sanjula Luxe

These stunning candles are top shelf exquisite fragrances... be ready to fall in love!

 Fill your home with 80 hours of heavenly scent. Hand poured with creamy soy wax in Sydney Australia 

BLACK TIE The Enigma of Him

Oriental and wooded. Masculine with notes of black pepper and sandalwood.

EROSComfort in the caress of the familiar

Captivating florals built upon a foundation of woody base notes with a subtle hint of vanilla and coffee.

EMBERS  The fading remains of a past emotion

Spicy baked stone fruit campfire embers and top notes of lemon peel.

OLD MONEY Aristocratic Power 

Dark Resinous notes of ancient oud. This fragrance is dry light and reminiscent of freshly sawed timber.

3 KINGS Arabian Offerings of liquid Gold.

Ancient Oud, rich, sweet and woody.


Stroll lightly through an eastern fragrant garden and be delighted by the sweet musky scent of Arabian florals. This scent is a smooth blend of florals, amber and a whisk of honey.