Kate Soady Artwork

The natural world is the inspiration for Kate Soady’s abstract mixed media art and Landscapes.

Her work is a poetic journey into the exploration of balance and harmony creating a sense of wonder and playfulness.

Kate Soady in her StudioKate’s abstract works evoke rhythm and movement which relates to music and dance both of which play a major influence in her life and art practice. Colour, shape, pattern and texture are layered and interwoven in a complex construct of juxtaposing elements.

The symbology in Soady’s art  are simultaneously personal and collective, referencing the emotional and spiritual landscape underpinning her work.

Kates Landscapes and nature works are a direct expression of the amazing and diverse beauty of the Blue mountains. "The Beauty I am surrounded by every day is a continual source of inspiration for me. The Blue Mountains is a rich natural wonderland where I find solace, peace which flows into energy of personal expression through my art."


I accept requests to create commission pieces for individuals. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Currently Available