Moontree is a Blue Mountains-based small business proudly supporting Australian makers.

Apiary Candle Verdant Aurora

Our Limited Edition Eco Luxe Apiary candles are unique as they exude luxury whilst retaining essential eco features. 

The nature-based names and fragrances are inspired by the packaging and artisan glass designs which are handmade and designed to be reused or repurposed. Our premium wax is a soy blend hand-poured into a frosted glass which is subtly hand-carved with a honeycombed texture to add character and elegance to the piece. Each vessel is unique and deserves to be presented in something that’s equally as distinctive, so we have housed this exquisite artisan glass in a handmade cylinder gift box embellished with a tactile dimpling effect.

Apiary is simply asking to be filled with warm opulent scents that feel familiar, timeless and offer a deep calming sense of comfort. 

For Verdant Aurora we have crafted a stunning fragrance with soothing green and floral qualities by blending a rich woody base with lush citrus and botanical notes, adding a touch of luxury fine fragrance with its fougère quality. Light the candle and head away from the city to the mountains’ open skies and enjoy an incredible display of magical lights dancing and swirling across the sky.

A wonderful fragrant experience you won’t forget.

Quite simply everything about this scented candle collection is exquisite