Moontree is a Blue Mountains-based small business proudly supporting Australian makers.

Moontree Fragrant Candles


Indian Sandalwood

Indian Sandalwood is a timeless fragrance it's rich, deep velvety base notes are grounding and comforting. Warm and earthy Indian Sandalwood is the perfect fragrance for lovers of woody fragrances.

Handcrafted in Australia by Artisan candle makers using a special blooming process, creating a unique cloud-like texture within the candle wax. 

Pillar Candle Holders to suit various sizes of pillars

  • Small Pillar 8 x 8 cm - 40 hours
  • Medium Pillar 8cm x 15cm - 80 hours
  • Tall Pillar 8cm x 25cm - 120 hours
  • Wide 10cm x 10cm - 100 hours
  • 3 Wick 10 x 15 cm - 120 hours
  • Fragrant Soy Jar - 60 hours
  • Sandalwood mini candles and melts