Soy Votive Candles

Available in a range of enticing Australian-made scents, you can place our mini soy candles around your home, elevating your living space with evocative aromas and a beautiful, warm glow. Each 55 gram candle offers a full 18 hours of burn time. These candles are hand-poured into small plastic flame proof containers, making them as visibly attractive as they are pleasingly fragrant.

Choose from Six Soy Candle Fragrances and Fragrance Free

We’ve used five of our most well-loved aroma blends for our mini soy candles. These same fragrances are used throughout our line of luxury candles, lotions, and diffusers so you can easily match your mini candles with your home’s other aromatics, transforming your living space into an indulgent scent experience.

Our scented mini soy candles include:

    • Kiwi & Waterlily – fresh and moist night blooming waterlily combines with a hint of sweet kiwi for an enchanting and delicate fragrance
    • White Nectarine Blossom – sweet, fruity, and serene, this candle combines sweet orange blossoms with jasmine, nectarine, musk, and vanilla
    • Thai Lemongrass – uplifting lemongrass essential oil makes this one of our most refreshing natural soy candles
    • Oriental Musk – reminiscent of the iconic confection, your home will smell like irresistible pink musk sticks when you light this candle
    • Coconut Vanilla Bean – creamy vanilla and sweet coconut combine to create a sublime aroma that evokes memories of fresh ocean breezes
    • Sweet Patchouli – the woody and mellow character of patchouli unexpectedly paired with an invigorating citrus note for an uplifting fragrant experience

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