Moontree is a Blue Mountains-based small business proudly supporting Australian makers.

Aroma Essentials

Woodland Diffuser

Stay calm, improve your health, boost your energy levels, purify the air and sleep better. Aroma diffusers are a safe and natural way to add beautiful scents to your room.

Our Moontree essential oils will work perfectly with our ultrasonic diffusers. Choose from 12 aromatherapy blends to suit the needs of your mind and body wellness.

Vaporise- ultrasonic diffuser/vaporiser makes ultrasonic vibrations through water. These vibrations transform water into a cool vapour without the use of heat, ensuring the essential oils diffused are retained in their purest form, and released in a fine mist which can easily be inhaled and absorbed.

Humidify- The ultrasonic waves created by our diffusers stimulate moisture in the air to combat the drying effects of heating and air-conditioning, leaving your environment clean and comfortable.

Purify- By releasing negative ions, the Diffuser purifies the air in a room of dust, bacteria, pollen and household odours.

Illuminate- Your diffuser can move through a series of relaxing colours, with the option to set to a desired colour for a fixed period, or return to oscillation. The soothing colour spectrum aids natural sleep, with the red setting scientifically proven to help produce melatonin for an easier transition to a deeper sleep cycle.

130 ml capacity. 2 level mist control. Low water level cut off